Skateboard press

     Had inspiration for a skateboard press. Carved concave from wood then cast molds in concrete. First the press was just scrap 4x4s but they could not take the pressure. A friend welded a steel enclosure to hold the lumber together. The result was this weird DIY junkyard style press that works and has made several boards. Broke a couple molds. Printing is the same scrap material style and I named them Supper skateboards.

Caned Cruisers

     I laminated, shaped, and caned 4 of these. Created to be a barefoot cruiser one feels the wind whistling thru their toes. Like riding a hammock. Total fun.

Resin and Wood


     Tried a little resin experiment and also the first boards with a fancy bird’s eye maple veneer on bottom. Really wanted these to be functional but I broke them all. I Broke the first one while sanding. Broke the next by standing. Now a few just hang on the wall.

     Got many requests after this to repair chairs with damaged weaving and am always interested in that kind of work.