I make things. Sometimes they are art. BFA from Memphis College of Art in 2001 with an emphasis in painting and book art. “The Body That Ruined Me” was born of the college years and abandoned as I ceased to enjoy it. The drawings got really complicated and the abusive, destructive process made it all seem futile. This seems to be a pattern with painting where I take breaks or get into other things. Bought an old house and got into home renovation and painting was limited to commission work then. Mostly portraits and often in awkward predicaments. Started making skateboards. Now laminate and print my own decks. While some are standard wooden shapes others try to push the idea of what a skateboard can be. Always seem to come back to painting with new objectives. More predicaments but uncompromised. Began getting old student work out to “finish” or paint over entirely. Paintings are pushed to an ideal completion with certain amount of layers rather than abandoned when they start to look good. In some cases perhaps too far.